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Part  1 : Explore

Find out what motivates you!

Explore your:

Work Personality, Work Values, Interests, & find out what your Current Life Role(s) is/are.

Have you recently been laid-off and are looking for a new career, that thing you have always wanted to do? Start HERE!

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Part 2 :  Implement

Does your reume reflect what and who you are as an individualist?

Do you need help constructing your resume?

Do you want to highlight your accomplishments?

Cover Letters

How to write a cover letter that fits the job you are applying for.

Resumes, Cover letter & Interviewing Skills are all available for you here!

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Part 3 :  Getting Results!

Manage your career transition here!
 Once you have implemented the steps in part 2, and you know what you are looking for in a job, & you are getting ready for your first interview.

Learn how to transition into your new position when you get your new job!

Learn how to interview, cultivate others and negotiate your salary.


The Autonomous Individualist

Take the free & short-version of the MBTI Test here to find out your extraverted strengths:




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An obstacle some individuals face is believing that they do not know too many people to contact when looking for their job.
This exercise will help you map your current contact network!